Here comes a THANK YOU post!

Better late than never, right? We are just getting our blog on, so to start things off, wanted to do a thank you post to the team that worked on PA$B July Rude Kids launch at Graffik Gallery.

Working with good people isn’t just about the results you get, it’s about the journey you take to get there. And a lot of the time that journey ends up being more valuable than the destination. So with that said, we want to say big thank you to some amazing people that we worked with on this event.

Dotmasters, you’re the man. You know what good work is, and you always deliver it. You got jokes and you curse just the right amount. Thank you for being the first artist to properly give us a chance and for sticking through all the crazy. More to come and we cant wait. x


Graffik Gallery, Jay & Ollie and the amazing team who build us a shop to put up all our crap, thank you guys. You have believed in our idea since day one, when we didn’t even have a business card. You mentored us when needed, from helping us put this event together, to teaching us how to stencil in your back yard. The gallery really feels like second home (Jay I will collect my belongings like real soon, I swear)! See you guys soon. x


Vestalia and Tamsin, we only met this summer, and it definitely has been a pleasure! In fact we have already got more plans together to be excited about, so thank you guys for being on top of our Rude Kids! x


My Jones & Bone, we joined forces right in time. Thank you for knowing how to be professional in the most laid back way. Thank you for delivering high quality content every time we work together. Thank you for all the dope images in this post in fact! x


Joshua, you wild thing… So firstly thank you for fixing our website and for all those extra Sundays you’ve spend on it. But also, check out your cocktail skills! Weekend hobby? x


Thank you to our super cute interns Carol & Arianna! You guys done more work in those few days than we could of done in weeks! And now we miss you much… x


Thank you Kate the DJ for making the vibe good x


All love to errybody, see you guys soon. K