Graffik Gallery


A unique contemporary gallery specialising in street and urban art.

An inspirational, educational and fun place to visit! On the famed Portobello road, right next to an original Banksy, Graffik Gallery has creates the vibe that makes street art look like it belongs in a gallery.

So frequent with their exhibitions and so good with selection of artists, it has always been one of our most favourite art galleries in London. Providing you with the space to experiment and create your own street art in their mystic back garden, which is pretty cool when you know some of your favourite artists have painted those walls too!


Graffik offers “weekly graffiti workshops which take place at the gallery and are open to all, whether you are aged 10 or 100, Graffik encourages all those looking to explore and learn some basic stenciling and 'graffiti' techniques.”

“The gallery has exhibited groundbreaking artists such as Banksy, Mr Brainwash, D*Face, The Dotmasters, Trust.iCON, Obey, Alec Monopoly, Skyler Grey, Stik, and BenNaz to name but a few.”

Currently showing:

Graffik Gallery are currently exhibiting works from their permanent collection