Trust iCON

Sarcasm meets Disney meets stencils. Find what we all know to be true in Trust iCON’s art, we all unfortunately grow up at some point, so must our beloved childhood idols and ideologies.

Trust iCON Alice in Wonderland

Last Trip to Wonderland

One of the best stories ever written, and not just because it features rabbit holes and magic mushrooms. A story that let all our imaginations run wild, creating out own personal wonderlands.  So many look for an escape using substance, perhaps we just need to let our imagination go more often…

‘War on Terror

Every fairy tale has an evil character, it’s a way of teaching children about good and evil. What if our perceived evil met today’s evil? Who do you think would win?

Trust iCon War on Terror
Trust iCON Paint


A special piece. It’s a collaboration between graffiti and street art, Seeds One and Trust iCon, two mammoths in their own respect, two colliding worlds that argue with one another existence, yet when merged they create the perfect message… Just PAINT!

‘Ladder of Success

‘You cant climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets’ –  Trust iCON… need we say more?

Trust iCon Ladder of Success