UK artist, The Dotmaster, started painting on the streets of Brighton in the early ’90s. He takes a sideways look at a populist media with a typically English sense of humour. What’s not to love?!

Dotmaster - The Biggest Toy in Town  2

‘The Biggest TOY in Town

Here at Pills and $ Bills we are in no rush to grow up… who is? “The Biggest TOY in Town” by Dotmaster gives us the nostalgic feeling we long for, who doesn't want to live in a world with giant toys?

Dotmaster - Lego Man with Pills and Dollar Bills

‘The Lego Man

Building your dream world while escaping from this one! The magic that Lego gave us as children… not to mention swallowing a few pieces and the painful memory of stepping on Lego in the dark… we’ve all done it before and we’ll probably do it again. The Lego Man struts his stuff and he means business!


Instagram this, Instagram that… if its not on Instagram does it exist?

“Stand Here” to get the perfect Instagram shot. Our generation’s biggest hassle made easy.

Wait a sec… how would this work for a selfie? Who gives a shit?! Live life and enjoy the art!

Indigo Gets Up’

The newest of “Rude Kids’ is Indigo Gets Up – before and after. Mona Lisa always needed a smile, we’re glad she’s finally found it!

‘Rude Kids

‘Don’t grow up, it’s a trap’ – how we wish we understood this before it was too late. Dotmasters' series “Rude Kids’ is captures the true rebellious innocence that’s in us all, until its not. The series feature the friends and family of the artist under the age 12, acting the fool and being caught in the act. We just love that moody ‘don’t fuck with me’ face!