Ben NAZ, a Filipino-French guerrilla artist, known for expressing his ideas through strong stencils portraying politics and global issues. Described as a highly passionate, genuine and talented individual.

Ben Naz Pills Dollar Bills 2

Ben Naz is an important name to Pills and $ Bills. Regretfully we discovered his work after his passing, we unfortunately never got to meet this inspiring human, but we assure you we revel in his art and ideas. A true and precise example how art keeps your ideas eternal.

Ben was involved with a number of good causes, becoming the voice for those who needed it… right up until his very last day! Learning his story was a true inspiration to our project.

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Ben Naz Pills Dollar Bills

Ben has given us the motivation we needed when times were tough at times, for that we are grateful! He taught the skill of communication through art over words, being unable to speak properly towards the end of his illness.

He kept painting and painting, pushing for a world where art would triumph over guns and violence… a world we all want to live in someday.

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