Alina Zamanova

A London based illustrative artist, raised in Ukraine, who’s passion began in her childhood - known for her ability to reinterpret drawings and incorporating digital manipulation to create new textile possibilities.

Fashion illustrations are so happening right now!

Alina’s ability to showcase her style in crazy, cool, sexy mixed media works across the spectrum to traditional drawings of garments, her art style is expanding and we love it.

Alina Zamanova Pills and Dollar Bills Featured Artist

Once we came across Alina’s work, one thing became obvious... She had to become part of the Pills & $ Bills family. Her passion, her style, her vision and thorough understanding of fashion design is clear in all her works.

Her sense of cool is definitely on point, with a sexy hint of the dark side that we know we like and we know you’ll like it too. We’re proud to announce that Alina illustrated our lookbook pics!