THE Tattoo Artist

In some ways tattoos are the most precious art form, as you are using your skin as a canvas, which means you’ll always have it with you. People often expect a deep meaning, and its great if that’s what you are going for, but often tattoos are misunderstood. It’s a way of decorating your body, it’s something you chose to do at a certain time, and that is exactly what it represents – you. Enough of the pep talk?

Meet the artists who’s going to make it happen! Dunkan X is a man with a sique body. What an art work! If we were you Dunkan, we’d be naked all the time. Dunkan is an artist He’s art work varies from tiny detailed drawings to full sleeves. We like black ink and that’s what Dunkan does, keeping it sharp and on point. He’s designs have that perfect balance of humor and grim and it got us itching for some inking.