Pills and Dollar Bills started off as a street wear label and thanks to our friends, fans and family, has developed into so much more. We launched in 2015 as the result of passion for street art and sweatshirts that was inspired by a generation created by technology, disillusioned by fame, affected by poverty and strengthened by war. Street art truly is our unique medium of expression and communication.

Showcased across our streets, our skate parks, our tunnels and our buildings, street art is all over our truly inspirational city of London, and is now given further prominence in top galleries. Street art is growing and we want to be part of it! We praise the artists for their skill and ability to be on point with their message. We want to push street art to explore new canvases, by collaborating with contemporary artists and street artists on limited edition collections. We work with passionate people who are eager to experiment and are constantly expressing themselves in the most unique way possible.

We are street art and we are clothes, we are fame and we are poverty, we are the old and we are the new, we are Pills and $ Bills.